WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) launched a series of new ads, entitled Rearview, urging key United States Senators and Congressional Representatives to vote to overturn the Biden administration’s now-final EPA regulation that will ban most new gas cars by 2032.


State-specific versions of Rearview—spotlighting key Senators and Congressional Representatives who could be difference-makers in upcoming Congressional Review Act votes—are running in nine states: Michigan (1,2), Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Montana, Ohio and Texas.

AFPM President and CEO Chet Thompson issued the following statement on the launch of Rearview and the potential for Congress to overturn EPA’s unlawful regulation:

“EPA’s now-final light-duty vehicle regulation is designed to ban most new gas cars simply because the Biden administration thinks consumers aren’t adopting EV’s fast enough. This regulation is bad for consumers and their pocketbooks; it’s bad for our energy and national security, and it will have costly and irresponsible repercussions across the U.S. economy.

“Congress never authorized EPA to do this, so it’s imperative that our elected officials vote to overturn this unlawful regulation in the coming weeks. And if members vote against their respective CRA measures to uphold EPA’s ban, they need to be prepared to answer for that to their constituents.” – Chet Thompson, AFPM President and CEO

Rearview is part of AFPM’s eight-figure issue campaign raising awareness about the Biden administration's whole-of-government effort to phase out gas cars and push the country to 100-percent electric vehicle sales. 

For more information, visit DontBanOurCars.com

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Ericka Perryman
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