U.S. refiners purchase crude oil from world markets to manufacture the gasoline, diesel and other fuels that keep Americans moving. In 2017, petroleum products accounted for about 90 percent of the total U.S. transportation sector energy use, and they are projected to continue supplying about 90 percent through mid-century, according to the Energy Information Administration. Our members have invested billions of dollars, and continue to invest, to make fuels as clean and efficient as possible. Not only are we helping Americans get more out of their cars, but our products are making shipping and global commerce cleaner and contributing to the U.S. economy while doing so.

Transportation policies must reflect the vital role of liquid fuels in our lives, and AFPM advocates for policies that protect affordable and appropriate fuel options for consumers. We also support policies that enable efficiency improvements driven by free-market innovation rather than market-distorting mandates, subsidies or the imposition of unrealistic emissions targets.