WASHINGTON, D.C. — American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) today submitted comments in opposition to Maine’s ongoing efforts to adopt California’s ban on sales of new gas, diesel, flex fuel and traditional hybrid vehicles. Below is an excerpt from AFPM’s filed comments:

“Recently, many EV drivers across the county were left stranded because of range reductions and the increased time necessary to charge an EV in cold temperatures,” AFPM senior director of Fuel & Vehicle Policy Patrick Kelly wrote. “Maine should ensure residents have reliable access to transportation in winter by preserving the public’s ability to purchase new internal combustion engine vehicles.”

Kelly added that the United States depends on foreign countries like China to supply the minerals and metals needed to produce batteries and expand the electrical grid. “Policies like ACC II only increases that dependence. A transition to so-called Zero Emission Vehicles exposes Maine residents to supply chain vulnerabilities largely beyond the control of regulators. This risk is exacerbated by long supply chains and a reliance on geopolitical rivals who control those supply chains.”

Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) could adopt and finalize California’s gas car ban as soon as this spring. The policy would phase in starting with model year 2028 vehicles. By model year 2032, 82% of vehicles sold in Maine would need to be electric or meet California’s definition of “zero emission,” which excludes new gas, diesel, flex fuel and traditional hybrid vehicles.

In addition to the supplemental comments filed today, AFPM filed comments with the Maine DEP in August 2023, also cautioning against the broad adoption of California vehicle sales bans and mandates.

AFPM members are committed to reducing the carbon intensity of fuels and vehicles. Our country needs a diverse mix of technologies, including liquid transportation fuels and electric vehicles, to meet the needs of consumers and uphold our collective national and energy security.

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