Investing in the infrastructure that supports America’s fuel and petrochemical industries is just as important to ensuring American prosperity as investing in highways, roads and bridges. AFPM members are investing billions of dollars building, expanding and modernizing the energy infrastructure network. But this network is only as strong as its weakest link. Continued investment in highways, local roads and ports is needed by federal, state and local governments. Investments in pipelines, terminals and railroads are needed by private investors. Barriers and bureaucracies must be minimized in order to take full advantage of what increased energy production provides.

AFPM believes that policies aimed at rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure for the 21st century should consider the role of the energy infrastructure in unlocking the full potential of our resource wealth and positioning the U.S. as a global leader in refining and petrochemical manufacturing. As such, these policies should not only promote safety and security within the industry, but they should also ensure the industry’s ability to build, repair and maintain energy infrastructure while promoting free and open energy markets.