WASHINGTON, D.C. – American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers President and CEO Chet Thompson today released the following statement addressing President-elect Biden’s intention to rescind the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline:

Revoking the permit for Keystone XL jeopardizes the significant economic, environmental and energy-security gains the pipeline stands to deliver. The project employs nearly 2,000 Americans today and would provide over 10,000 high-paying union jobs during its construction, generate much-needed tax revenue, and inject billions of dollars into our economy. By strengthening U.S. ties with Canada, a valued trading partner, Keystone XL would also bolster North American energy security. Pipelines are the safest and most efficient way to transport energy feedstocks, and Keystone XL would operate with net-zero emissions upon completion. We hope the new administration reconsiders the integral role of Keystone XL in meeting Americans’ needs for affordable, reliable energy in an environmentally sustainable way, and look forward to working together to advance U.S. energy infrastructure projects going forward.